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“During this time of uncertainty, we provided rent payment data across the country to help apartment operators make better decisions about resident relief policies.”

“Rent payments spiked on the 1st. It was surprising because of the amount of understandable nervousness that renters and operators had going into the first of the month,” says Rochelle Bailis.

“Based on the behavior of Oscars fans online, we predict YouTube will be the most critical social channel for engaging Academy Awards fans in 2018,” Rochelle Bailis says.

“We did see a concerted shift towards partial rent payments,” says Rochelle Bailis, vice president at LeaseLock. “That shift was pretty dramatic in the hardest hit cities.”

“Between Super Bowl ads, half-time clips and game highlights, YouTube in particular appears positioned as the top channel for engagement this year,” says Ms. Bailis.

“Although Amazon retained the #1 spot in terms of overall sales, Walmart saw the most explosive growth in purchases yesterday,” said Rochelle Bailis.

Among those retailers gaining ground are,, and, says Rochelle Bailis, global director of content.

Rochelle speculated: “This could be driven by Louis C.K.’s young male fanbase, who are deeply invested in following the story and understanding what happened.”

Rochelle Bailis offers an excellent summary of the essential thinking behind “equity” when she states…

Chewy pulled in more website visits, likely due to high-performance strategies that caught the attention of PetSmart, which ultimately acquired the company, according to Rochelle Bailis.

“To be honest the shift in share of bookings for hotels versus OTAs is quite small, less than one percentage point change for either camp,” said Rochelle Bailis

“As the housing market thrives in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, competition amongst home goods retailers has become more intense,” says Rochelle Bailis.

“For brands and marketers, it’s worth noting that the soccer fans audience is 40 percent female,” said Rochelle Bailis…

Event speaker: 2017 EWIP Leadership Conference

“Gluten-free dieting appears well on the way to becoming a sustainable trend while other popular diets seem to be losing ground, said Rochelle Bailis…”

“For example, since 2014, searches for “gluten free” have risen steadily by 141%, and show no sign of slowing,” said Rochelle Bailis

“The states won by Donald Trump somewhat mirror the states that over-index for short-haul travel searches, suggesting these consumers prefer to stay in their own state.”

Rochelle Bailis told Fortune the two soda giants were “in this arms race to get the attention of millennial consumers. I don’t think either of them are doing it perfectly yet.”

“Coke tends to have a younger audience than Pepsi, but they’re both failing to reach younger consumers. Younger consumers are more health-conscious…”

“Electric vehicles still fail to connect with the majority of the potential market share — specifically middle class families.”